Arable lands kept fallow – taking over by Government. NEEDS IMPLEMENTATION TO INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION

Sl No 588

Circular Number RD 358 LRM 75

Date 12/15/75

Section Land Reforms

Subject Arable lands kept fallow – taking over by Government.


NO. RD 358 LRM 75 Karnataka Government Secretariat,
Vidhana Soudha,
Bangalore, Dated:15th December 1975.

Sub: Arable lands kept fallow – taking over by Government.

- - -
It is the intention of Government that no arable land should be left fallow by farmers. This policy of the Government has already been enshrined in the existing provisions of the Land Grant Rules and the Land Reforms Act and Rules.

Under the Land Grant Rules, Government lands are granted to eligible agriculturists for cultivation with the condition that the grantee should being the land under cultivation within Deputy Commissioner may extend this time upto 5 years if he is satisfied that the grantee could not do so for bonafide reasons. For any contravention of the above condition, the grant is liable to be cancelled and the land resumed to Government free from all encumbrances.

Under the Land Reforms Act 1961 (as amended), Sections 84 and 85 empower the Assistant Commissioner having jurisdiction over any area to take over the lands which are left uncultivated for over two consecutive years and lease them to others for a period not exceeding 5 years.

Under Section 60 of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, the lands whose occupancy rights have been registered in the name of a tenant should be resumed to Government and disposed of in accordance with the provision of Section 77 of the Land Reforms Act, if the tenant fails to cultivate the land personally for three consecutive years. There is a similar provision under Rule 26 of the Karnataka Land Reforms Rules in respect of the grantees of the surplus lands.

The above provisions are brought to the notice of all the Assistant Commissioners/Tahsildars and they are requested to take immediate action wherever necessary in accordance with the above provisions. They must ensure that no arable land is left fallow.

(B.M. Nagaraj)
Asst. Spl. Officer for L.R. & Ex-officio,
Under Secy. to Govt. Rev. Dept.

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